What will Canada’s population look like in 2050? Will the country be experiencing a marked decrease in its population or will have it have exceeded demographic projections with a higher intake of immigrants? What will Canada look like in light of the doubling of its senior population, and how will newcomers be integrated into Canadian society? This panel aims to explore what factors inform policy decisions related to Canada’s population growth and immigration policies. It also aims to examine the ways in which population growth and immigration policies impact other areas of Canadian society such as the labour force, the economy and education. This panel will also examine growth considerations from an Indigenous lens, exploring how policy decisions should be made now to ensure that Indigenous populations grow sustainably and equitably in future – both on-and-off-reserve and in both rural and urban areas.

Moderator. Dr. Phil Triadafilopoulos

Panelists: Robert Steiner, Charles Foran & William Robson